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We use Vitallium 2000 Plus® metal in the construction of our cast partials, or gold when desired. Wrought wire clasps and wire partials are also fabricated, Hawley retainers and space maintainers for orthodontic cases. Another service we provide is designing and estimating the cost of partials. It is our suggestion, if time permits, to send in study models and we will be happy to give you a design and estimate on the various ways the case can be constructed so you will be in a better position to quote a fee to the patient. There is no charge for this service.

A Swing-Lock®-designed partial can stabilize mobile teeth and offer cosmetic enhancements. It can also add or repair facial contouring and work as a hidden clasp design partial where retaining struts are placed below or above the lip reflection lines.

Swing-Lock partials are also used when there is very little undercut to clasp and they are very easy to add to in the future.

This type of partial evenly distributes load among all supporting teeth, relieves the immediate stress on adjacent abutment teeth (as would occur with circumferential clasping), and passively engages all abutments during mastication.

New EsthetiClasp Partial Dentures offer comfort, strength, precision and hidden clasps.

Improve patient satisfaction with the comfort, strength and hidden beauty of Vitallium" EsthetiClasp.

More than 60 years of partial design and development have lead to the EsthetiClasp System, a new generation clasping system that combines the accuracy and strength of Vitallium' with widely accepted design principles. The result is a truly esthetic partial of maximum strength and function. The EsthetiClasp System incorporates two conventional design variations and a precision or milled alternative to accommodate the needs of most partially edentulous patients.


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