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Cu-Sil® Partials- Cast partials are not always indicated. You may want an alternative!

The Cu-Sil® Transitional Denture is useful for saving mobile, isolated or periodontally involved teeth. It is comfortable to wear because it prevents stress to teeth often caused by torque-inducing metal partials.

Cu-Sil® stabilizes, cushions and splints teeth with an elastomeric gasket that provides retention and seals out food. It is unsurpassed for comfort and esthetics.

There are no special tooth preps or impression techniques to follow with Cu-Sil®, and it allows low cost add-ons, repairs and relines. Your patients will like Cu-Sil®. It's barely noticeable and nothing fits more comfortably or provides a more natural bite.

A complete system using heat and pressure to produce a denture of unsurpassed precision and optimal fit. Mixing in the Cap Vibrator enables the denture base to be continuously injected under 85 psi (6 bars) of pressure while curing in a special bath.

Curing with this unique heat and pressure system assures a maximum degree of monomer polymerization and strong chemical bond with resin teeth. The SR-Ivocap system is the best way to achieve perfection in dental prostheses. We also use Lucitone 199, Lucitone, and Lucitone Characterized.

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