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Procera® Solutions

Welu is proud to offer the following Procera® solutions using Our Procera® Scanner! Please call 800-437-4058 for details!

NobelProcera™ Scanner

Tomorrow’s technology, today
  • Unique scanning technology combining high accuracy and ease of use
  • Ability to scan complex geometries
  • Impression scanning capability including model delivery based on digital data
  • Batch scanning for increased efficiency


Procera® Crown
Zirconia - for highest load situations

Alumina – translucency for the esthetic zone
  • Fracture rate 0.5% vs. 5% for PFM
  • 15 years of clinical studies
  • Over 7 million copings produced to date

NobelProcera™ Crown Zirconia 0.4

The ever-popular NobelProcera™ Crown Zirconia is now even thinner yet still has exceptional strength

  • Thinner coping enables more flexible esthetic opportunities
  • Combines zirconia extreme flexural strength, 1200 MPa, with a beautiful esthetic result

NobelProcera™ Colored Zirconia Crown
Excellent functional fit
  • new unique coloring technique (no dipping involved) for optimal homogeneity – no color variations
  • excellent bond strength between framework and veneering material

NobelProcera™ Crown Alumina
  • low fracture rate - means minimal chipping as with PFM
  • alumina for the most outstanding light transmission in the esthetic zone
  • optimal all-ceramic strength with excellent esthetics
  • 0.6 mm thickness for general usage in any position
  • 0.4 mm thickness for superior esthetics with unsurpassed translucency
  • Available in two colors for alumina: Translucent or White
  • long term clinical success data (>15 years)
  • radiolucency for marginal fit check

NobelProcera™ Crown Zirconia
  • all–ceramic strength
  • zirconia for the higher load situations, extremely high flexural strength, 1200 MPa
  • 0.7 mm thickness for use in all indications
  • 0.4 mm thickness for the esthetic zone
  • superior zirconia strength and esthetics
  • available in 4 different shades

Procera® Bridge
Zirconia (up to 14 units)
  • Proven ceramic strength
  • Marginal fit less than 15 microns
  • Highly biocompatible
Alumina (up to 4 units)
  • For the anterior
  • Unsurpassed light transmission

Procera® Abutment
Zirconia & Titanium
  • Customized for superior esthetics
  • Biocompatible

Procera® Implant Bridge
  • made from single piece of titanium
  • precision to less than 20 microns

Procera® Laminate
  • Alumina 0.25 mm
  • extremely strong (700 Mpa)
  • Won’t break easily
  • Excellent masking
  • Excellent bonding

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